Thursday 11 April 2013

Review: Lacy Rose - 'Ghost Music'

'Ghost Music' 

The trend for 'new cabaret' shows no signs of abating. Burlesque clubs, fascinators and spooky ditties sung on creaky pianos are seemingly everywhere. Few do it well and even fewer manage to make it their own. Lacy Rose is one of the latter, an act who sounds like a genuine artist rather than a pastiche of the genre she is so very talented in.

Hailing from Texas (but sounding anything but) her debut five-track ep 'Ghost Music' is inspired by the past. Keys and strings carry vocals Kate Bush would be proud of, while subtle brass add body to her spectral stories. Tracks take suitably gothic subjects - tragic romance, blinded saints, love lost across the sea and vampiric fantasies - all presented with ethereal, but very genuine, vintage melancholy.

The mood Lacy Rose creates is one of being transported back in time, swept away in a bleak Shelly-esque romance. With songs like 'The Ballad Of Polly Peachum' and 'Creature Of The Night' she faultlessly, and almost effortlessly, captures the beautifully macabre sound so many are trying to reproduce. 'Ghost Music' is just that. Haunting.

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