Friday 19 April 2013

The weekly compendium 19/04/2013

We're at the end of another week, and a pretty full one at that with lots of news from Out Of Line artists such as Solitary Experiments, Forgotten Sunrise, and Kirlian Camera as well as Vein Collector and Garden Of Delight. Best get saving your cash from pay day next week!

We've also had some pretty strong music to review this week with the LONG-awaited début proper from The March Violets, the sophomore album from Plastic Noose and the third EP from System:FX all reinforcing our faith.

Over on the social media front we've passed 300 likes on Facebook which means on Monday WE'LL HAVE OURSELVES A COMPETITION courtesy of Juggernaut Services who are providing us with the prizes. If you want to stand a chance of winning you'll have to keep an eye out on Monday for details on how to enter!

In other news Caustic has released some freebies and put a rough demo up for your listening... pleasure. There have also been an album trailer from Defeat and a previews from both the forthcoming second album from A Pale HorseNamed Death and the Garden Of Delight remasters. Everyones favourite electro-creeps AlterRed have also made their first two albums available for free download.

Is there any more? Probably, but it is TFI Friday time so we'll be off until next week. To hold you over here is Iggy pop lamenting both major and indie record labels.


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