Thursday 18 April 2013

Review: System:FX - 'Twentyfirst Century'

'Twentyfirst Century'

'Twentyfirst Century', the third EP from industrial rock duo System:FX, picks-up where their previous offering 'Overdrive' left off. On paper the band don't have a complex sonic formula with a blend of industrial rock heavily influenced by the likes of Cubanate, The Prodigy and Ministry. But it is very effective. Hard dance beats, grinding guitars, infectious electronics and shout-a-long lyrics combine once more for a fast-paced and compelling twenty minutes run time.

Opening with the Cubanate-esque 'Vengence' the band strike hard and fast with an uncompromising electro-punk anthem that will no doubt be well received on the dance floor. 'Fire' lacks a little of the "oomph" of the opening song, but it's strong electronics coupled with the savage guitar performance give this track an energy that will translate very well to live performances. The title track, 'Twentyfirst Century', makes very good use of the siren sample's potential to compliment the synth melodies while the drums create an irresistible invitation to move your body to. The final song on the EP, 'Stay In Your Homes', is simply a raucous cacophony of attention-grabbing samples and pure industrial attitude that come together to create one of the strongest songs in the System:FX arsenal.

In terms of song-writing skills the band are going from strength-to-strength and, when coupled with a clean and crisp production job such as this, it shows just how far they have come. With an EP of the quality of 'Twentyfirst Century' in their pocket, plus live duties in Be My Enemy as well as numerous high-profile support slots to their name recently, it's easy to see why System:FX are hotly tipped to be one of the UK's break-out industrial rock acts.

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