Wednesday 10 April 2013

Review: Various Artists - 'Foundations'


The re-packaged and re-released first compilations from Juggernaut Services are well worth a look if you are on the look out for emerging electro talent that have a growing reputation of delivering both on dance floor and live. Gathering a range of new ebm, industrial and experimental acts from across the globe the double CD 'Foundations' proves to be a great gateway to some very interesting music currently on the periphery of wider exposure.

CD one, 'Calming Cyclones', collects together the poppier end of the electro spectrum with young acts such as Biomenchanimal, United And Identified, FutureFrentic, Plastic Noose and Controlled Collapse. The disc focusses heavily on strong beats and memorable melodies but manages to still present a rich and diverse palette of sounds with the various bands incorporating coldwave, dubstep, ebm and dark electro elements.

CD two, 'Moving Mountains', moves into slightly dirtier waters with acts such as Garten Der Asche, Kommand + Kontrol, System FX, Tapewyrm, Eschaton Hive and Tactical Module bringing aggrotech, rhythmic noise and gritty industrial rock to the fore. The sound may have shifted its emphasis somewhat, but again there is a crop of talent here making some very strong music that will appeal to those who are ready to be challenged.

As with all compilations of this type the production values vary song-to-song depending on each individual bands' budget. However this isn't too much of a problem as the compilation has been well mastered to soften the rougher edges of some songs and present them at their strongest.

'Foundations' is a strong picture of not only the artists on their roster, but also of the current crop of international talent to be watching over the next few years. Best of all the compilation has been crafted with attention and skill to really pique the interest of the casual listeners.

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