Friday 26 April 2013

The weekly compendium 26/04/2013

If you haven’t seen the news, we currently have another competition running. This time the nice people at Juggernaut Services have given us three copies of their double-CD compilation album 'Foundations' to give away! So if you haven’t entered the competition yet, GO HERE and do so!
In other news we've had reviews of the new albums from The Eden House and Spectral Heresy. Plus news from Haujobb and Wave Gottik Trefan.

Over on the facebook page we played up St. Georges day with some tongue-in-cheek videos from Professor Elemental, Laibach and comedian Bill Bailey. While we've seen a new single from Visage, the preview of the new Kinetik Festival compilation. We've also seen an invitation to a David Bowie flash mob at the V&A, plus tour dates from Front Line Assembley. But best of all was the news that WestMercia Police is now following the example of Manchester and treating attacks on members of alternative subcultures as hate crimes.

So it's finally Friday and it's time to put my feat up, light up my pipe and watch the new Rob Zombie film. This week I'll leave you with the new music video for 'Fight Like A Girl' by Emilie Autumn.

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