Thursday 13 June 2013

Review: First Aid 4 Souls – 'Beyond The Galaxy'

'Beyond The Galaxy' 

István Gazdag aka First Aid 4 Souls has been pushing a rich sound that comprises of psy-acid, industrial-noise and dark ambient, and electro-soundscapes for for a number of years, building an impressive back catalogue. The recent releases have all been part of the 'Selected works' series which cover different aspects of the sound. 'Beyond The Galaxy' however, sees all these elements return to interact with each other once again. The result of which is a sublime blend of catchy dance music and experimental embellishments.

The bulk of the album is rooted in dark electro and ebm for the compulsive dance quality that the band has already exhibited so well in the past. But by combining it with the experimental elements, some industrial-friendly guitar and distorted vocals, to give it a dark underbelly for a fuller and more dynamic edge.

Songs like 'Gemini', 'Chaos Cultist', 'Visitors' and 'Quiddity' give the album its harder side. While tracks like 'Here Comes The Light', 'Vimana Grha', and 'Android' entice the listener into ever more ambient electro waters. Quite simply, this is an eclectic mix that distils the best of the First Aid 4 Souls back catalogue into an intelligent and exciting listening experience.

The production for the most part is perfect. It's crisp, clean and modern. However there are one or two points where the guest vocals don't really fit into the mix as they should and instead come off a little jarring. But across the thirteen tracks this is thankfully a rare occurrence.

First Aid 4 Souls have, until now, been one of the best kept secrets in the Eastern European electro scene. But armed with an album such as this, it would be a travesty if they didn't break out into the wider international scene when there is so much club hit potential on display. 'Beyond The Galaxy' is an album that the band can really push hard to see where it takes them.

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