Wednesday 5 June 2013

Review: Jenn Vix & Dirk Ivens - 'Fuck.Rinse.Repeat' / 'Burn' (Single)


Hot on the heels of her previous single 'Speed Of Light' which featured former David Bowie guitarist Reeves Gabrels comes a new single and a new collaboration for Jenn Vix. This time featuring underground electro legend Dirk Ivens, whose curriculum vitae features influential projects such as Absolute Body Control, The Klinik and Dive. Vix herself is no stranger to the scene having released her first self-titled album in 1995, and periodically sticking her head above the parapet every so often to rave reviews.

A partnership such as this, where both members have such a diverse range already well documented, promises so much. But sometimes these things don't quite deliver. 'Fuck.Rinse.Repeat' for example, is a solid, old school sounding song that makes good use of classic sounding drums and a simple but effective droning lead synth. But the vocals sound a little too old fashioned with the reverb and distortion swamping what would otherwise be a very effective duet. It does pick up towards the end however with the guitars adding a nice dimension.

It simply lacks the “oomph” of her last effort with Reeves Gabrels, whose avant garde style of guitar playing provided a nice foil for Vix's ethereal vocals and spacey electronics.

The second track 'Burn' on the other hand feels a lot more complete and self-assured. Both Vix and Ivens' vocals come to the fore a lot more while the slow throb of the bass sinisterly beats underneath. It's slower and in a sense a little tamer than the first song. But it's simplicity only serves to heighten its emotional resonance.

So this double A-side single is a hit and miss affair. However with the previous offering with Reeves Gabrels under her belt – and now the ominous strains of 'Burn' surely whetting a few appetites – the prospect of a new full-length release is looking very inciting.

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