Friday 28 June 2013

The weekly compendium 28/06/2013

It may have been a quiet-ish week but we've brought the noise for you...

We kicked things off with news from Amduscia, Blutengel, Scar The Martyr, and Kervorkian Death Cycle before unleashing Andrew 'Oz' Smith's interview with Suicide Commando mastermind Johan Van Roy. If that wasn't enough we also had new reviews for Sleetgrout, Comaduster and Psykkle for you to absorb.

Over on facebook there have been a tonne of new videos and previews from the likes of Ross Tregenza, Funker Vogt, Psy'Aviah and Front Line Assembly and more! Plus a free download from Cage Studios and a look at a handmade Laibach tattoo machine... why not?!

I'm nose deep in the new book from Al Jourgensen charting the life and times of the Ministry Frontman. So far it's been compelling but you'll be able to read all about it in an in-depth review next week.

Also make sure you Tumblr people out the follow Matt Fanale of Caustic's new blog.

Now go slpash on your Blutengel perfume (yes... it's a real thing) and have a good weekend.

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