Tuesday 4 June 2013

Review: Terrolokaust - 'Spit The Poison Out'

'Spit the Poison Out' 

Spanish duo Terrolokaust have already released two albums, but have only ever really bubbled under the surface. We saw them at Resistanz and if you also saw them you'd probably also be excited for their forthcoming release.

Well, 'Spit the Poison Out' blows things right apart, this should no longer be a band merely “bubbling under”.

Musically, well, if you imagine Korn waking up one morning and going “you know what? Them tracks we did with Skrillex were good, but what we really need to do is work with Combichrist” then it’d kinda be like that. Fittingly, their cover of 'Falling Away From Me' is also on here, which fits in neatly with the rest of the album.

Mostly focusing on the harder end of things, there are plenty of anthemic tracks, 'Blood Starts to Leak' continues their drug-fuelled tracks, 'The Way it Must Be' is a finger-in-the-air scream-a-long anthem and 'Reversing in Circles' was simply written for a circle pit.

Though, aside from a Korn cover, plenty of other moments of angst, 'Dwindling Hope' also delves into suicide and desperation, “Tell me this great place you call Hell”.
Just another teen angst album? Not at all, there is a market there, certainly, but then take Zeromancer as a good example, they always had plenty of songs on that, particularly in their early days, but they are so much more than that, as are Terrolokaust. For example, 'Scars that Never Heal' provide a softer toucher and 'Me Niego!' is an almost upbeat Spanish track.

Plenty of drug tracks also, '8am (Sex, Drugs and Madness)' is self explanatory lyrically, but musically heads into clubland. Well, by clubland, Industrial Clubland...
Face paced beats, get your glowsticks swinging before yelling “I really want to be a fucking rockstar” during the breakdown.

On top of all that, it's a strong album. No really weak points, all tracks are decent or standout. If this album doesn't break them through, then there's something sadly wrong with the world.

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