Wednesday 12 June 2013

Review: Machine Rox – 'Activate Your Anger'

'Activate Your Anger' 

The band's previous EP 'Harder' was a simple but fairly effective collection of dance-orientated industrial that, while refreshingly honest, was lacking in that something to truly endear them. This time the duo's new EP, 'Activate Your Anger' seems a lot more focussed and musically could be a real game changer.

The album sounds fuller and a lot more confident in its approach. The one biggest criticism of their previous offerings was the quality of the vocals. But this is no longer a problem. The dual vocals sit comfortably within the mix and Aga's contributions gel a lot better than before.

Songs like 'Night Riots', 'Next Nothing', and 'Time To Survive' show the band are finally reaching that level that they had always had aspirations towards. The lead melodies are catchy, the beats are hard and the guitars flesh out the bottom end in a very pleasing way. But it's the remix of 'Next Nothing' that is perhaps the strongest track on the EP and will no doubt get plenty of spins on the dancefloor. Though it does highlight that the band, although drastically improved, can still push themselves further.

This is a very strong outing for the band and one that should start turning people's heads. The production sounds the best it ever has. All the musical ideas and elements also just seem to come together with a lot more ease. There is still a little room for improvement, sure. But perhaps now is the time to go for the big push and that long overdue full-length album.

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