Tuesday 4 June 2013

Review: Zex Model – 'First Mutation EP'


'First Mutation EP' 

Zex Model is Paul Von Aphid, an artist also operating under the name Modern Howl, let loose snarling and rabid in a scorched world of harsh industrial. 'The First Mutation EP' rolls out Russian big beat electronics with distorto-vox that harken back to -90's industrial before the star making machine got its grubby hands on it.

Opener 'Zex Model (Mutation)' is a transhuman scream and stomp of a track. The sound of futurists making their own bodies into hulking golems using the debris of decayed iron from collapsed infrastructure. Kreation is the half-mechanoid enhanced human in repose, in a rapid aperture movement sleep, a download of necrofuturist memories. The triumphant tone of 'Dominate DNA'  would have an army of strange dancers filling the floor, just watch out for the shrapnel. Through torrential layers of tortured voices 'Run To The Void' recalls the vivisectionist nightmare of too Dark Park era Skinny Puppy. The cold, merciless sequencing of 'Grind The Grey Hell' is actually the more human element here, with the human voices snarling like rusting technological demons.

The vibe of Zex Model is decidedly electronic and psychedelic with a degree of filth in its sound as a foetid black breath to give blasphemous life to its synthetic parts. At a time when we are closer to the edge of total collapse than ever, It makes perfect sense that, upon grinding away the candy-coloured enamel off the post witch house aesthetic, that one would find a corroded industrial hulk beneath.

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