Friday 14 June 2013

The weekly compendium 14/06/2013

It's the end of the week once more and you know what that means. Yes its the weekly compendium of all the lovely things we brought you this week.

We featured plenty of reviews over the past few days. Kicking thing of with Luxury Stranger's new EP, we also featured two albums from Fearpassage, the new EP from Machine Rox and the long awaited début from Defeat. As well as the ferocious new Concrete Lung EP and the newest offering from First Aid 4 Souls. We also had a little news story from Psykkle regarding the release plans for their new album 'Mother Monoxide'.

For some reason Tuesday was the big day for re-post-able goodies with the new video fromChamber Of Echoes, news of a new Tyske Ludder EP, a sneaky preview from the new Caustic EP, album news from Chelsea Wolf, a new (and great) video from Aesthetic Perfection, Agonize tour dates, and the new Subterfuge album. There were other days this week too, which produced things such as a new video from Beastmilk, a Front LineAssembly preview track and the news that Neil Gaiman's forthcoming novel will be BBC Radio 4's Book At Bedtime.

Speaking of books I have a pretty hefty tome I'm working through for review purposes, so I'd better go crack on with that so I can give you my thoughts next week. So until then, here are the new music videos I've been enjoying this week.

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