Monday 27 January 2014

DJ LX-E's Songs of 2013

Waiting arduously for death; it would be quicker than loading iTunes, as now one must peer deep into the dark depths of 2013 and pull out the sounds and wails of the year.

There were a few rebirths, disappointments, gothic/industrial related disputes, bad female vocals and I believe that the stronger feel for 2013 was that alternative music in realms of electronica has only become more mainstream.

The Best Albums
Ghost & Writer – 'Red Flags'
THYX – 'Below The City'
Die Krupps – 'The Machinist Of Joy'
Solitary Experiments – 'Phonemena'
.Com/Kill – '.Com/Kill'
Blume – 'Autumn Ruins'
VNV Nation – 'Transnational'
Chain Reactor – 'The Silence & The Noise'
Syrian – 'Death of A Sun'
Aesthetische – 'Nachtbrenner'

Frank Spinath let drop Ghost & Writer, a new project that gave a dark red cloak to 2013, with low bass and light keys that wrote their own velvet vice for dreams.

Adrian Hates released the début tracks of his new project .Com/kill. The project was a more electronic tone beat enlaced composition in comparison to Diary of Dreams, though Hates’ patented Melancholic rage and energy can’t be removed from any work.

The summer was opened with ‘Below the City’ by THYX. The second album of Stefan Poiss was more organised and thought through with structure and sound. Combine that with dream weaving tracks and we have something of worthy credit up to the main project of psychology.

The reawakening of Solitary Experiments was seen in ‘Trial and Error’. I rank the EP higher than the Phenomena due to its importance in the bands progression and timing being perfect. Not only this but the combinations within Trial and Error’s track list, gave a savouring urge for the upcoming album.

‘Transnational’ summarised the beginning of the new age, and in some shape was a greater feet of achievement than the previous album of VNV Nation ‘Automatic’. The album had its grasp over autumn, and combined with their touring kept its ground on the DAC.

A trip back to the 80s was made with Syrian, a great blast of guitars and foreplay of light electronic keys. Definately a nice uplift to the memorable era, of big hair, cigarette engulfed dance floors and make-up.

Die Krupps took the title as best album combination, as the rhythm felt so new and clean for a veteran of EBM. Though the good combination of drums and guitars brought in, gave view that the Jurgen Engler resisted the synths a bit!

Best Introductions (Tied)
VNV Nation – 'Genarator'
Massiv in Mensch – 'The Effect'

New Generation
Accessory blasted these thoughts away with their ‘Resurrection’. A cast of new type dubstep electro that can create cringe though is whipped back on the right channel as heavy bass thunder, with clean white shirts. 

Studio-X marked a real milestone, taking more of a full course from remixes to now an EP release with Simon Carter. They also are the image of the post 2010 era. Parts of the scene are really diverging into the era of electronic dance much more than before.

Architect took a much unexpected turn into the realms of modern decade’s electronica with ‘Mine’. Maybe the greatest loss as Daniel Myer’s project had been known for its sinister dark electronica that hid in the corners of city streets and the shadows in subway stations.

Pride and Fall emerged from their frozen Norwegian barrels of industrial to bring about Hollow core. ‘Of Lust and Desire’ still holds black tones of epiphany, but it needs to still break through its own border. 

Highlight Tracks 2013
Freak Angel – 'The Book Of Violence' (Aesthetische remix)
Faderhead – 'Pornstar Dead'
THYX– 'Network Of Light' (Cutoff Remix)
Solitary Experiments – 'No Salvation'
Ghost & Writer – 'Hurricane' (Splitter Remix)
Zynic – 'Dead End'
Wumpscut – 'Tod Essen Leben Auf' (Reactor7x Remix)
Kirlian Camera – 'Black August'
Lights Of Euphoria Vs Soman – 'Stripped To The Bone'
STUDIO-X & Simon Carter – 'Gone Together Again'
Rome – 'Hate Us See If We Mind'
Hope Estheim vs. XP8 – 'Heartless Disaster' (Studio – X)
Diskonnekted – 'Yesteryears' (Radio Existence)

A black 2014 to all!

Reviewed by Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

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