Wednesday 8 January 2014

Review: Tapewyrm – 'House Of Cards'

'House Of Cards' 

Hot on the heels of his début album 'Misanthropic Noize' comes Michael Drayven's follow-up EP 'House Of Cards'. The UK noise merchant has developed well since the release of his first two demo EPs, and 'House Of Cards' shows a continued development in his writing and production abilities.

The infectiously rhythmic title track opens the EP with layers of noise and semi-audible samples throughout the guest vocals of Tiffanie Wells are hard to hear and as a result are the equivilent of subliminal messages within the din. 'Chasing Ghosts' is a bigger and almost more cinematic track in its scope. It's central droning mournful chords and trudging pace make this short song a highlight in the Tapewyrm back catalogue. This is quickly followed by 'Careless', which can only really be compared to the infectious rhythms of Michael Jackson's 'They Don't Care About Us' if they'd been de-constructed and reformed by Trent Reznor and Richard James.

Ruinizer's remix of 'Save Yourself' shows that given the right emphasis and sounds, Drayven has the basis for a good club track underneath all the noise. Dirty K's remix of 'Rebirth' though, ups the noize for the sheer hell of it for an eardrum rupturing four minutes.

'House Of Cards' shows a nice range across the tracks, which highlight Drayven's ongoing development as a songwriter. By adding pleasing rhythms and hints of melodies, he draws the listener in before beating them about the head with distortion. If the next full-length album develops these ideas, it's going to put Drayven on the noise map.

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