Monday 6 January 2014

END: the DJ's Top Music Picks of 2013

Another great year of music! Making this list was nearly impossible- each song on this list is outstanding! Check them out and keep them in your own playlist. Keep an eye out for their other works!

Cold In May- The Reason (Motion City Lights Remix)
The lyrics and vocal delivery, the superb remix all equal out to a perfect melody. This is an amazing one.

Terrolokaust- Falling Away From Me
This fantastic cover's hard beat and style has been so very well received with each play.

Ice Upon Fire- Hypnotic Disorder (Gary Afterlife Remix)
ETT has ever the most textured electronic dance tracks, this one being among the best of their releases. Truly epic!

Stahlnebel & Black Selket- Dead Silence
Once the children choir kicks in, you know there's a powerful force at work on this track. A great piece of new work from these EBM titans.

Cryogenic Echelon- Pandora (feat. Eugene Nesci)
The production work and vocals grab you from the first note. A unique blend of moving lyrical content with vocal style make this one a standout.

This keeps bodies on the club floor and gets the mood escalating quickly. One of the anthems of the year.

Beat Tempest- Hot Bedroom
This guarantees to move everyone once the track is thrown down. Really solid piece of work!

Snog- Everything Is Under Control
Arguably one of the most catchiest tunes of the year and once it's on your mind (along with the video), you'll be humming this tune for hours.

Chainreactor- Wanna Break Out
One of the many tracks from Chainreactor's standout new album. Noisy and artistic make this one a killer combo.

Love?- I Walk Alone
I love it when a track is so very moving while staying textured and thoughtful. The rhythmic tones and vocal delivery work extremely well.

Torul- The Fall
Great song and a great video, this song's melody oozes tragedy. Definitely one to listen to!

Covenant- Last Dance
Covenant returned with a vengeance this year and this track is a testament to their legacy.

Hope Estheim- Sleepwalking Societies (Feat. Redux)
From the same artist behind Cryogenic Echelon, the collaboration with the vocalist on this track is fantastic. 
The People’s Republic of Europe- Warrior
Raise your fists and stomp your feet to this one. TPROE unleashed this track earlier this year and has been a staple on club floors.

Mental Discipline- WDYWFM (feat. Spektralized) (Assemblage 23 Remix)
From the wonderfully produced "Fall 2 Pieces" album. With the collaboration of MD, Spektralized and A23, this is truly a dream track.

X-Fusion- I Am Your God
Another anthem of 2013, this harsh builder has been a great addition to everyone's playlist.

Pride and Fall- Hollow ([:SITD:] Remix)
Dependent Music's compilations are always outstanding having unique versions and reworks to the label's releases. This remix is haunting.

Dark Age- Afterlife (Eisbrecher Club Cut)
Eisbrecher took this track and made it truly epic. The heavy tones force bodies to move.

Diskonnekted- Yesteryears (Neuroticfish mix)
Neuroticfish taking on a track by Diskonnekted = awesome. This is but a preview to what we'll be hearing from both artists in 2014. 

Sebastian Komor- Body Move (Club Mix)
One of the best producers in modern EBM and Industrial dance now self releases on his own label- and this first release is a moving sampler of the masterpieces to follow.

Noisuf-X- Joking
This track is a driving force, one of the hardest movers from the great "Warning" album.

Ohm- Car Crash
From the arenas of Front Line Assembly and Noise Unit comes a truly artistic collaboration from their self-titled album. This is but one of the tracks- check this one out.

Juno Reactor- Trans Siberian
A new album from J.R. was very much welcomed by all and did not disappoint. This is a great track from among the many highly produced works.

Ginger Snap5- Polaris
The first GS5 full length album and wow, did everyone love it! Melodic EBM with synth and trance elements, the personal lyrics; "Polaris" is a great embodiment of the entire album.

ESA- The Shape of Hate to Come
The new ESA album is fantastic, moving and destructive! Everyone loves the production work and beats.

Armystrial- Absence
The production on Armystrial's release from Login Records has almost a dark machine-like feel to the techno and minimal elements.

These albums are amazing as each are the best listening experience for having solid work from start to finish. Each of these albums must be heard!

Chainreactor- The Silence and the Noise
Ginger Snap5- Snapped By You
Funker Vogt- Companion In Crime
ETT Sessions- The Essential of Enjoy This Trip Recordings
Mental Discipline- Fall 2 Pieces
Noisuf-X- Warning
Love?- Electronically Yours
Stahlnebel & Black Selket- Contemporary Transformation
Ohm- Ohm [self-titled]
Juno Reactor- The Golden Sun of the Great East

These labels have given us top-notch artists’ releases throughout the year. Make sure you check out their releases next year!

Skyqode [official website]
ETT Recordings
[official website]
Dark Dimensions Label Group
[official website]

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist on Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END supports many dark electronic artists & labels by touring internationally plus mix sets on U.S. and UK radio with Industrial Club Sessions. More details are on his official website at

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