Tuesday 28 January 2014

The 2013 Reader's Choice Awards – The Results!

Last year was a great year for music, with a string of excellent releases in the worlds of Gothic, Industrial and related genres. So late last year we decided to put the power in your hands. We've let you know our thoughts and opinions all year long. But what did you the readers think were the bands, artist and most importantly the music that we should be honouring?

Well the results are now in, so we can reveal the winners of each of the ten categories. The poll showed a real spread of old and new, big and small, but each of which have made a mark on the past twelve months.

Category 1: Best Band Of 2013

Winner: Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor's shock return with a new Nine Inch Nails album last year was enough to sway the most readers that NIN are still at the top of their game. Seeing off the likes of Combichrist, Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly Nine Inch Nails comfortably took the top spot.

Category 2: Best Album Of 2013

Winner: The Eden House – 'Half Life'

The progressive gothic rock collective that is The Eden House narrowly took the lead in a very diverse category that saw a big selection of different artists representing different genres. The band nipped ahead of the likes of Combichrist, Nine Inch Nails, XP8 and Rhombus to scoop the best album of 2013 award.

Category 3: Best Single Of 2013

Winner: XP8 – 'Information'

It was a battle of guitars and keyboards out of which Italian electro duo XP8 prevailed. Their single 'Information' from the album 'Adrenochrome' emerged victorious from yet another very diverse selection of nominations that included Nine Inch Nails, Aesthetic Perfection, Rammstein and The Eden House.

Category 4: Best Live Act Of 2013

Winner: Nine Inch Nails

There were once again a lot of nominations to wade through... including the likes of Robbie Williams, Linda Rondstadt and U2 – Each to their own I guess. But it was Nine Inch Nails that once again took the tops spot, no doubt due to last year's one off show in London. Although young guns Cease2xist gave Reznor and co. a run for their money in the votes.

Category 5: Best Festival Of 2013

Winner: Resistanz

Most of the big-name festivals featured impressive votes but Sheffield's own international industrial festival, Resistanz was the clear winner leaving the likes of Wave Gotik Treffan and Whitby Goth Weekend in the dust. In three short years the festival has gone from strength-to-strength, and 2014 is shaping up to be another great year.

Category 6: Best Record Label Of 2013

Winner: Metropolis Records

Well established names sat beside new start up labels in one of the most hotly contested categories, however it was US label Metropolis Records that won the award this time around. Out Of Line, Undustrial, Juggernaut Media Group, Static Distortion Records, DWA and Echozone amongst others put up a strong fight, but Metropolis ruled in 2013.

Category 7: Best Newcomer Of 2013

Winner: Comaduster

Best newcomer was the closest vote of the of the year with the winner, Canada's Comaduster, taking the prize thanks to one vote. While the immediate runners up IIOIOIOII and The .Invalid tied for second place. Honourable mention has to go to Beauty Queen Autopsy, who despite their first release coming out in December, still enjoyed an impressive surge of votes.

Category 8: Best Vocalist Of 2013

Winner: Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist)

Combichrist mainman Andy LaPlegua went for raw, undistorted vocals on last year's 'No Redemption' album. Combined with more prominent guitars it signified a more metal orientated sound for the band which has appeared to play well to our readers. LaPlegua narrowly beat competition from Daniel Graves, Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig to take the best vocalist prize.

Category 9: Best Male Of 2013

Winner: Gary Numan

There were several names that repeatedly cropped up for the best male of 2013: David Bowie, Trent Reznor, Nick Cave, Andy LaPlegua and Daniel Graves all took a number of votes, but it was Gary Numan, on the back of his new album 'Splinter' that scooped the title of Best Male Of 2013.

Category 10: Best Female Of 2013

Winner: Shkihee (Android Lust)
Releasing one hell of an ambitious album in the form of 'Crater Vol. 1' off the back of a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Android Lust's Shikhee D'iordna saw of fierce competition from Julianne Regan, Monica Richards, Mya Lloyd and Mariqueen Maandig to take the top spot.

Well that's it for 2013. If you didn't see the bands / artists / releases on the winners board that you wanted... tough! You should have voted more than once!

Well done to the winners Nine Inch Nails, The Eden House, XP8, Resistanz Festival, Metropolis Records, Comaduster, Andy LaPlegua, Gary Numan and Shikhee D'iordna.

Voting for the 2014 reader's poll will open on the 1st December 2014 and run until the end of January 2015 – you have been warned!

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