Wednesday 1 January 2014

Intravenous Magazine's 'Blood Pack Vol. 1' free compilation released

This is the first free compilation album from Intravenous Magazine to mark our first birthday as a webzine. To say thank you to all our readers over the past year, this is a free one on us! So enjoy some great free music in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more). Featuring the likes of Be My Enemy, Aeon Sable, Ultraviolence and Attrition plus many more exclusive and unreleased tracks from international gothic, industrial and electronic bands.

We'd like to extend our thanks to all the bands / artists that contributed their music to this compilation and would ask everyone that downloads it to check out the accompanying PDF booklet included in the download which contains information and links for every act on the compilation. For more information on future releases please keep an eye on the website over the course of the year.

Track List:

01: Sine Division – 'The Signal (Single Version)'
02: Last July – 'Into The Void' [Exclusive Unreleased]
03: Aeon Sable – 'Tenfifteen (Radio Edit)'
04: Powerotik – 'Pain In Action'
05: Syrian – 'Walk Into The Sun (XP8 Mix)' [Unreleased]
06: Doganov – 'Eyes Only' [Exclusive]
07: Be My Enemy – 'Look Who Is Laughing Now' [Exclusive]
08: Attack Of The 70ft Bitch – 'Grab Them By The Eyeballs'
09: Cryogenica – 'Bruised & Broken'
10: Impurfekt – 'Nightmares'
11: Dawn Of Oblivion – 'Atomic Stigmata'
12: Non-Bio – 'I Sell Revolution (Unmastered Mix)' [Exclusive]
13: Attrition – 'Narcissist (ID Mix By Angst Pop Featuring Technomancer)'
14: Hide And Sequence – 'My Darkest Fear' [Unreleased]
15: Quasimodo – 'Soldier Of Love'
16: Amáutica – 'Las Vidas Pasadas (Alta Calidad)'
17: Salvation AMP – 'Salvation'
18: Rossetti's Compass – 'Bleed (Kant Kino cover)' [Unreleased]
19: New Zero God – 'Until The End Of The Line'
20: Ultraviolence – 'Electronic Death Resistanz (Live)' [Exclusive]

To download 'Blood Pack Vol. 1' please visit our bandcamp page. Or click the album art in the side bar.

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