Wednesday 29 January 2014

Review: Aesthetic Perfection – 'Til Death'

'Til Death'

You probably don't need to have been following things too closely to have noticed the rise of Aesthetic Perfection up the ranks.  They've always had great albums, but 'Til Death' is the product of releasing the chains and giving full artistic freedom to go and make the album they want to make. There are are a massive mixture of influences going in there, 80s Pop, 90s metal, 21st century electronics... and it all comes out into a sublime blend. Daniel Graves is an excellent and proven songwriter and this is a diving conception.

The creepily eerie 'Happily Ever After' sets up the perfect build up to the album - a chiming bell and hollowed echoing vocals - each bar crashes down and you're just waiting for something to kick in... then suddenly 'Antibody', the intro sends the neck nerves tingling and it boots into an addictive pop song.
Of course, 'Antibody' was one of three build up singles. These were tracks that divided opinions with some hailing these as being amongst their best ever stuff - and others dismissing as being horrible pop tracks.  The truth is, like many tracks on the album, they're addictive. You can dismiss all you like - you'll be humming or singing the tracks for hours later.

'Turn the Lights On (Ready to Go)' is another great example from the 'new' tracks, the sharp synths will be a nice ear worm for you. Twisted melodies, like Lady Gaga being impaled on a chainsaw. 'Showtime' is a ballroom dance for the dead while 'The New Black' is a snarling attack on the music industry. 'Lovesick' wraps up the album with an almost perfect bitter-sweet ending  and the whole thing is gelled with tracks each strong in their own right.

It's probably going to give a headache working out which tracks to play live on the forthcoming tour, but it's a good headache to have. Whilst it's important to focus on the album in hand, it does also pose the headache on how they're going to top this on the next album  but it's sure going to be exciting finding out.

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