Wednesday 29 January 2014

Review: Faderhead – 'Atoms & Emptiness'


'Atoms & Emptiness' 

All of the Faderhead albums are good.  If you're a fan of the band, they're always something to look forward to.  Sure, you know what to expect - a couple of club tracks (some more favoured by DJs than others) and some deep ballads.  Overall, you always get a collection of new Faderhead songs. That is, well, good. Isn't it?

But good isn't always enough.  When you know what to expect, even if what you're expecting will be enjoyable, there becomes less urgency.

'Atoms & Emptiness' is beyond a doubt a collection of the best new material Faderhead have written. Take that as some urgency.  It is darker and more melancholic as a lot of the tracks come from a low personal point in Sami's life, "Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my shit friends" are amongst the lyrics that ooze appreciation and revenge for those who've been there and those that have not.

For club fans, 'When the Freaks Come Out' is a cheeky little industrial number, but 'Stand Up' is probably the best track they've ever written : anthemic sing and stomp along moments guaranteed to get you jumping, or moshing or whatever it is you do to throw yourself into the music.

There's even moments for a touch future pop with 'Someone Else's Dream' and 'Every Hour Kills'.
Sure, the music of Faderhead is too commercial for some, but don't deny yourself some deep, killing tracks - floorfillers, future-pop and emotional ballads - not 'just' a good album.

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