Wednesday 22 January 2014

Review: Public Domain Resource – 'Dead Surface'

'Dead Surface' 

Italian electro duo Public Domain Resource are a new name in the scene, but with their début full-length release 'Dead Surface' they're intent on making sure that you won't forget them in a hurry. Blending 80s synthpop with 90s ebm, the band is very dance orientated, but with a good grasp of sing-a-long lyrics that make sure their tracks have live performance potential.

Songs like 'Ideal', 'Red Lines', 'Fiat Lux', 'Nemesis – The Third Day', 'Mishima San' and 'Your Blood Is Mine' aren't your typical dance tracks though. They have a much more complex flavour to them which is reflected in the rhythms and vocal deliveries that PDR choose to employ. It's a style that harks back to the wonderfully experimental spiritual beginnings of synthpop.

However there are some pretty straight-forward dance tracks to be found, such as in 'Always Prey For Them – The Reich's Station', 'The Hang' and 'The Second Day'. This isn't a bad thing though, as these are the kinds of tracks which will certainly bring the attention of the masses the band's way.

Throw in a few remixes from the likes of TourdeForce and Retrogramme, who respectively bring out the band's Kraftwerk influences and experimental aspects to the fore, and you have a diverse and pleasing range of electronic music on offer here.

The production is pretty steady throughout, with a nice clean and modern style prevailing throughout. However there are a few times when the vocoded vocals get lost in the mix and just sound a little two low. However the sometimes jarring beats mixed with the highly addictive melodies that is central to the band's sound more than make up for any minor indiscretions.

This is a promising début offering from the Italians, which displays a well-rounded and polished sound as well as fundamentally solid song-writing skills. There isn't particularly one big standout track that will make a huge impact on the club scene as a single. However those of discerning tastes will find more than enough to get their teeth into throughout the track list. Expect to hear a lot more from Public Domain Resource in the future.

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