Thursday 30 January 2014

END: the DJ's Top Music Picks- January 2014

END: the DJ’s Top New Music Picks January 2014

There’s been some fantastic club tracks in a variety of electronic music styles that’s coming up on the horizon to kick off a fantastic new year of music. Let’s take a look:

Cristian Myt - 'Kurte Tu Fantasy' - Login Records
Each time I hear this ‘True to Nature’ EP, my favourite track changes, it’s THAT much of a solid piece of work- so ask me if this track is the best tomorrow, I might name you one of the other four. The low beats are haunting yet heavy, the melody is clubby yet melodic. It is straight up dark techno with hardcore elements. Login Records has hit us with the first awesome release of the year!

Dimensional Explosion - 'Phonophobia' - [unsigned]
This would be the best track of the month overall if it wasn’t new to me and to those who follow Andre W. aka E.I.D (his former project). Andre has been cultivating Dimensional Explosion this past year and it’s time everyone finally get to hear what he’s been up to- and as always, I’m champion his work; a ‘crunchy’ yet melodic noise sound at its experimental finest. It’s INSANE that this project is unsigned. This should change very soon!

Claes Rosen - 'Starlight' (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) - Green Mono Music
When the newly released compilation from the Green Mono label was sent to me, I was honestly a tad bit skeptical. Though I appreciate all styles of club music, as a personal listener I had become very weary of some of the direction variations of progressive & other more lighter styles music had gone some years ago. Much of it became a bit too pop-formulated for my taste. More hooks, less depth; yet here was some new music presented to me, I had to check it out…and am very satisfied with what was thumping out of my speakers. This track has the kind of depth & substance I’ve missed out of these more rhythmic styles of EDM. Thanks for bringing me back, G.M.M.!

Blak Opz - 'Long Live the New Flesh' - DWA
This track hits you in the fkn face. Love this. It’s a progression of the harsh EBM sound: I wasn’t sure if the style had any more methods to throw at us and then Blak Opz shows us the way. Throw this on a dance floor and watch everyone go crazy.

Dan’iel - 'The Music' - Conzoom Records
Great synth pop track, the melody and vocals are very moving and textured. All of the tracks from “The Book” album should be heard.

Orquesm - 'Dikke Pret' - Login Records
The Login label charts again in the top picks with this track off the new Stampot EP from Orquesm. Certain tracks can hit the clubs like a sonic wave and roll over you- this one doesn’t disappoint!

Doc Trashz - 'Brainwashing' - Trashz Recordz
Known for some of the best new dirty and glitchy Electro sound, Trashz Recordz has been a steady source of music to break ya neck to for a little while now. Doc Trashz, the label’s founder, releases his own monster of a track and it is beat driven! Not meant for tiny speakers or ear buds or you miss some of the intricate work that went into this one.

Ben'Yala - 'From Citta To Neapolis' - ETT Recordings
ETT Recordings storms out the gate this new year with this driving massive track. You’ll love the way this builds towards the break and then holds you to the club floor. Loving this one.

[product] - 'The Blind' (iVardensphere Remix) - Vendetta Music
Somehow iVardensphere found the time while creating his new album to put his signature stamp on a new track from [product]’s new album. I would say iVS has to sleep sometime, yet you wouldn’t know it from the great production work on this remix. Compliments [product]’s sound nicely!

Flatline - 'Your Love' - Compactonez Records
Flatline’s new album hit in late December and this standout track has garnered its own official video (now up on YouTube) which helps even more to spotlight on the great work on this track. A very driven track and great vocals & lyrics. Great new EBM mover!

That’s not all. Check out these other noteworthy releases to move to:

Novikoff - 'Addictive' (DJ Generous Remix) - Green Mono Music
Another track from G.M.M.’s recently released compilation. The flow on this track is addictive, I couldn’t stop moving even while trying to sit still. Great remix on this one.

Mark Bester feat. Love Dimension - 'Love Is Good' - ETT Recordings
ETT continues its label dominance by releasing another awesome track to the masses. The label seems to know the talent they seem to have in Love Dimension’s vocals, which wrap smoothly around the production work of this track by Mark Bester. Yet another high quality ETT club track!

Groovetonic - 'Boom Chacka' (Leon Blaq Remix) - Supermarket Records
This is a driving floor filler from the Supermarket. Love the build up!

Prismism - 'Numbers' - Trashz Recordz
One of the dirtiest, robotic electro tracks I’ve heard in a while! The beats on this seriously kick.

Essonita feat. Love Dimension - 'All We Need' (Denis Sender Remix) - ETM Recordings
ETM, sister label of ETT, takes the talented vocals of Love Dimension to more heights with this deeply moving track.

Keep those bodies moving, check out these great new tracks and we'll touch base again soon!  ;)

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions. Check out END's official website for more music, tour dates and more!

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