Friday 3 January 2014

The weekly compendium 03/01/2014

Happy Birthday to … US!

Yep, we're officially one year old as a webzine and as a free gift to you all for supporting us and giving a damn about what we had to say during 2013 we've released our first free download compilation featuring 20 great industrial, gothic, ebm etc. bands and artists. And yes it is absolutely free! Just follow the many links on the site to visit our Bandcamp page to download your copy!

Anyway, we had a little break over Christmas week and we're back with more great stuff for you to get stuck into. We've crammed the reviews in this week with the likes of Kunoichi, Mondträume, Caustic, Beauty Queen Autopsy, Rabia Sorda and Llumen. As well as news from Pittersplatter.

Over on Facebook we had lots of Christmasy treats for you in the run-up and days after the day itself. But we've been getting in the mood for live music with videos from the likes of Jarboe, Fad Gadget and Juno Reactor. And we've also been keeping an eye on the latest Alt-Fest developments with Marilyn Manson being announced on Christmas day and The Cult and Gary Numan announced on New Years Day.

Right, that's your lot for this week. I'm going to put my feat up a little this weekend and catch-up on my rest – what you thought a week off updating the website meant a week off work? In my wildest dreams maybe... anyway I'll leave you with this courtesy of The Fields Of The Nephilim for now.

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