Monday 7 April 2014

Kinetik Festival cancelled

The organisers behind Canadian electronic music festival Kinetik have announced the cancellation of the festival citing “... a complicated and unplanned situation involving Kinetik Production that as of this week has become insurmountable.”

As of the time of writing there has been no official word as to the nature of the situation, only that it is “confidential”. However, the official statement made on the festival's Facebook page states that the cancellation has nothing to do with the venue in Toronto, nor the festival's partners.

Bands scheduled to appear at this year's event in May had included the likes of Aesthetic Perfection, Suicide Commando, Surgyn, Front Line Assembly, Die Form, God Module, and Caustic.

Regarding refunds, the official statement had this to say:
“Refunds will start today, going backward month by month, since paypal offers full refunds on the newest transactions. When we are at the transactions not covered by the paypal full refund, we will contact you so you can confirm that we can issue refunds on the original transaction via your original transaction record. We will post updates here on the Facebook page to inform you where we are up to with the refunds. Be sure to look in your inbox for an email from '''' to be sure to receive your refund.”

For more information and to read the official statement in full, please visit the Kinetik Festival official website.

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