Monday 7 April 2014

My Silent Wake release ambient EP

Welsh doom Meisters My Silent Wake have gone into Martin Bowes' (Attrition) The Cage Studios to record an ambient teaser EP in preparation for their upcoming soundtrack Project.

Taking a side-step from their usual sound the new EP consist of two expansive slabs of ambient doom which sees the band joined by Martin Bowes on synthesiser, percussion and effects. Incidently My Silent Wake front man Ian Arkley can also be heard playing guitar on the recent ATTRITION album, 'The Unraveller of Angels'.

The third in an occasional series where bands come to the Cage studio to experiment with different ideas...anything from all new tracks to covers and collaborations and radical reworking of old material. Included in the full EP download on bandcamp only is a PDF wrap round booklet.

Track List:
1. A Death
2. Rebirth II

To order the EP please visit the A Two Gods Production bandcamp page. For more information on My Silent Wake, please visit their official website.

Download post as PDF file
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