Tuesday 8 April 2014

Review: 3Teeth – 'Consent' (Single)


Cleaved from the forthcoming début album on Artoffact records, US industrialists unleash their first single 'Consent'. A one song offering, 'Consent' hits hard and fast. Walking-the-line between old school abrasive industrial and rhythmic noise. It's dirty, nasty and damn enjoyable.

The track is full of samples. Synths wail like sirens. The steady beats sound like their being struck on an oil drum while your head is inside it. While the distorted vocals his and snarl throughout. The track overflows with 'Rauschen' that harks back to the likes of early Front Line Assembly, KMFDM and Ministry channelled through a manic modern glitch filter.

The production is rough and savage. But despite all the noise and distortion it all sounds distinct and doesn't get lost in a wall of hiss and crackle. In fact it is perversely danceable.

Even though this is only a small taste of what the band will be offering up on their début album come 3rd June, it is no less a powerful statement. 3Teeth have arrived and will not be taking prisoners.

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