Thursday 17 April 2014

Review: Deathstars – 'All The Devil's Toys' (Single)

'All The Devil's Toys'

Swedish “deathglam” outfit Deathstars release this prelude to their forthcoming fourth album 'The Perfect Cult' to a waiting audience. The band's last single was 2011's 'Metal', while their last full-length studio output was 2009. So is their new single 'All The Devil's Toys' worth the wait? Or is it too little too late?

Well thankfully, the postponed European tour dates and long wait for new material seem minor issues once you hit the play button. 'All The Devil's Toys' is exactly what fans will be craving from the quartet. The combination of catchy electronics and NDH style guitars that made hits such as 'Blitzkrieg' and 'Cyanide' are intact and now enhanced by the addition of live drums in the mix which gives the mix a much more dynamic feel. Whiplasher's deep gravely vocals sound just as powerful as ever and entice the listener to just start singing along.

There is an 8-bit version also included which will no doubt prove to be a little more decisive. Stripped-back to the bare electronics, augmented with minor guitars and a basic rhythm track it harks back to early 90's ebm with unusualy modern vocals plonked on top. It may grow on a few people, and will probably be used by plenty of DJs to annoy anyone who requests them at a club night. But it still retains the fundamental charm and catchy flavour of the original.

This may only be a small taster of things to come. But after the band's rather derivative third album and subsequently opting for a premature greatest hits, 'All The Devil's Toys' signals a welcome return to form. Hopefully the rest of the album, due out in June, will live up to this preliminary single.

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