Wednesday 9 April 2014

Review: Randolph & Mortimer – '$OCIAL £UTURES €P' (Exclusive)


Illusive band Randolph & Mortimer have been a quiet riot over the last year. Up until now we've only been privy to three tracks: The eerie 'Ballad Of The Iron Lady', the incredible 'Debt Is King' and recently the brilliant remix of the now 3Teeth track 'Consent', but this summer comes the long awaited début EP '$OCIAL £UTURES'.

With major influences from 80s and early 90s industrial themes R&M are sure to be a future hit, with the dark synth layed in without all the gimmicks of today's scene. The EP starts with 'Existing, Not living' which opens to a typical beat you may find on a KMFDM early release, but then goes progressive until the song becomes a nightmare to any dystopian who dares to put their ear to it.

Next is one of two segue's 'Sistema Dañado (This System Doesn't Work)'. Which is as fast paced as 'Debt Is King' and has a punk edge drizzled over it, but it's not until 'Body' where we get the full slice of what R&M has to offer. With warped hooks and a full revise of what almost sounds like a score from an 80's B-movie, 'Body' is an all-guns blazing club hit (that is of course if the clubs will dare to play something such as this!). 'März der Demokratiee' is a drudging marching track that will have your head nodding in unison. With it's glitch overtones, this is a great cut up track to pump out of your homes, cars and places of work alike.

Ending with 'True Order', the EP goes out on a chilled note, sounding more like an early Norman Cook b-side with a bassline that hails from the post punk era, but still keeping to the style they use up so well. It's a track to get lost in, a track to get lost to, and a track that will take you back to a time when electronic music was simpler, yet effective.

In total, this release will be a must have, and not just for the summer. Weather you're heading to Alt. Fest, Infest or even Whitby, this is definitely going to be a soundtrack for your trips there AND back (hell maybe even the Nortanz crew may get a kick from it!)

Although no release date has been confirmed, keep a close eye over their Bandcamp page over the next few months, you don't wanna miss this!

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