Thursday 24 April 2014

Review: Machinista – 'Xenoglossy'


Just a couple of month's after the band's debut EP 'Arizona Lights' comes the first full-length album from the super-duo of John Lindqwister (Cat Rapes Dog, Basswood Dollies) and Richard Flow (Vision Talk, Haze For Sale). 'Xenoglosy' expands on the themes of the EP and presents a more well-rounded introduction to the band.

Opening with the ultra-addictive 'Take Comfort In Being Sad', the band outline their formula of steady dance beats and big choruses that recall the future/synthpop floor fillers of the turn of the millennium. The duo's individual pedigrees come together to create a strong partnership that is evident on tracks such as 'Arizona Lights', 'Salvation', 'Wasted', 'Pushing The Angels Astray', 'Molecules And Carbon' and their cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes'. All of which have already seen some form of public exposure thus far. But they are joined by new cuts such as 'Summersault', 'Love And Hate Song' and 'The Blues And The Reds', which more than hold their own in such a strong track list.

Each song has an undeniable dance floor appeal with a simple but effective combination of solid beats, soaring vocals and catchy leads. Yet there is an energy to the songs that will definitely make live performances a must, and with a selection such as this its difficult to imagine how they would whittle this into a live set.

The production on the album is, as you'd expect, crisp and clean. And although there is something of a post millennium vibe to the style of the songs (lets not forget we're 14 years on from Y2K!), the execution is bang up-to-date.

There is no question Machinista have set out to deliver with 'Xenoglossy', and they don't hold back. There are some great dance tracks here that will find a willing and receptive audience. It's unashamedly fun and even a hardened scene cynic will find this album hard to ignore.  

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