Thursday 3 April 2014

Review: Angelspit – 'The Product'

'The Product'

It's been a year since we've heard from these Industrial giants, and boy has it been worth it. Zoog Von Rock has been building this release for months and now finally 'The Product' is here!

Focusing on a number of things, such as his clothing designs, working with other artists (including a project with Brian of The Gothsicles) and paving the path for the new album, Zoog has been a very busy boy, and With Amelia taking a short break, he has managed to create something of a storm in a thirteen track album!

With a little help from some friends, Angelspits' 'The Product' breaks all the chains of their former releases. The production value has entered another level and they have managed to break free of the hooks that kept them stuck in transit.  From the very start, 'Hot mess' leads you into a false identity, pumping you full of elevator music and then kicking you square in the nuts with the driving drums and heart pounding riffs you know full well from Angelspit. It's follow up, 'Because God' is a track to get spanked to. It's a waterfall of anarchy splitting your soul in half and tattoos an inverted cross onto your heart, but don't worry, everything is fine...

'Cause there's also something a little different in the mechanics of this release. There is influences and somewhat homages in the sound of the songs. With 'Creeper' you get a real sense of the 80's, more notably the sound of Jim Thirlwell and his Foetus project. It's sneaky, synthy and has a good style of humour that could only be brought from his sordid little mind. It's a perfect little ditty that is sure to erupt on the scene over Halloween.

'Baal Arise' is what the band would sound like if they had survived a night in Silent Hill, with Pyramid Head himself on the percussion, and it's follow up 'Velocity' is a totally different direction with a modern electronic sound. In truth there are many tracks that stand apart from each other. 'Cut Sick' is a teenage girls' way of rebelling, and 'Walking In The Woods' is the closest you will get to a ballad, feeding you a song that Jack Skeleton himself would have as his first dance at his wedding.

If you want proof that established artists on the Industrial scene still have something to offer, then Angelspit should be at the top of the list. Their sound has evolved perfectly and for those who stopped listening cause they felt the music had gone stale, be prepared for a return.

It's time for you to try 'The Product'!

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