Thursday 10 April 2014

Preview: Convergence XX – Chicago USA, 25th - 27th April 2014

Our American readers will already be aware, but for those who aren't regular visitors to the new world. Convergence is North America's longest running annual gothic festival , and it is now celebrating its 20th year. The festival was originally started by members of the Usenet group alt.gothic as a means to get them & ALL their friends together from around the globe into a single city for a weekend of socializing, musical events, sweet debauchery & a whole lot more. The festival's 20th anniversary brings Convergence back to Chicago for a third time with the festival's inaugural event and tenth anniversary having been hosted in the city.

The festival's musical line-up this year includes: The March Violets (UK) in their first US appearance since 1987, Pretentious, Moi? (UK), Sunshine Bind (CA), I:Scintilla (Chicago), Ending The Vicious Cycle (TX), Peeling Grey (CA), Arch Visceral Parlor (Chicago), The Gothscicles (Cicago).

Other highlights include the Bizarre Bazaar vendors market, art exhibit, shopping trips, dinner outings, a plethora of national (& one UK!) DJs, and many additional happenings.

Tickets are on sale NOW for full-weekend laminates and single date tickets. For more information, please visit the official Convergence website.

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