Tuesday 7 October 2014

Editorial: October 2014

It's October once again. Autumn is in full swing. Halloween is upon us, as are the Bram Stoker Film Festival and Goth Weekend up in Whitby. We are now hurtling toward the end of 2014 and our second year as a webzine.

It has been a busy two years trying to balance keeping the content coming and of course living a relatively normal life at the same time. It's a good job that I actually enjoy writing... some of you will be looking at that and thinking “Really?! Why?”... well it is somewhat therapeutic, and of course when people send you free music in order to see what your opinion is, it is quite gratifying as well! Like a lot of people running webzines and small circulation magazines, we do it for the love of our chosen subjects. Every aspect of this site has been a labour of love for me. From designing it and forking out for the domain name, to keeping the content flowing and coming up with new things to get people coming to the site.

Which leads me neatly on to the next compilation album. We've started to get the tracks in from the bands. The artwork for the PDF booklet is done and it's just awaiting all the information. We've got a cut off date for the end of November for everyone to get their tracks to us to keep us on schedule for a release date of 1st January 2015 on our second birthday. We've got some really strong names down to contribute a track and I'm personally looking forward to getting the chance to arrange them all.

There may yet be one or two opportunities for some late applications for tracks depending on the final running time of the compilation. If that is the case, I'll put an announcement in the December editorial column and on Facebook as well. That will strictly be on a first come, first served basis though.

Finally, if you're new to this humble website and haven't downloaded our first 'Blood Pack' compilation album yet, please click the album cover in the sidebar and download yourself a free copy from our bandcamp page.

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