Thursday 23 October 2014

Noir to release 'RE:MIT:TENT'

Cinematic dark electronic band Noir, headed by ex-Spahn Ranch frontman Athan Maroulis, have announced the remix companion to their début album, 2013's 'Darkly Near'. 'RE:MIT:TENT' will feature 20 remixes of songs from 'Darkly Near' from the likes of ManMadeMan, Assemblage 23, Dead Voices On Air, Ludovico Technique, Decoded Feedback, Die Sektor, Black Tape for a Blue Girl and many others.

'RE:MIT:TENT' will be available to purchase as a digital download only through Metropolis Records on 11th November 2014.

Track List:
1. A Forest (ManMadeMan Remix)
2. Timephase (Nick Brennan Remix)
3. The Bells (Interface Remix)
4. My Dear (Assemblage 23 Remix)
5. My Dear (Ego Likeness Remix)
6. The Bells (Deadliner Remix)
7. The Bells (Lemurr Remix)
8. The Bells (Souless Affection Remix)
9. Timephase (Inertia: The Third Man Remix)
10. Timephase (Asylum Black Remix)
11. Timephase (Ludovico Technique Remix)
12. The Bells (Decoded Feedback Remix)
13. Timephase (Anti-Mechanism Remix)
14. Timephase (Die Sektor Remix)
15. The Tragics (Amphetamine Virus Remix)
16. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Displacer Remix)
17. The Voyeurs (Metrognome vs Falcotronik Remix)
18. The Voyeurs (Dead Voices On Air Remix)
19. The Voyuers (Black Tape for a Blue Girl Remix)
20. Timephase (PBK & Artemis K Remix)

'RE:MIT:TENT' is available to pre-order now via Metropolis Records. For more information on the band, including future releases and live dates, please visit their official website.

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