Wednesday 29 October 2014

Review: Aengeldust – 'Meth Face'

'Meth Face'

Hot on the heals of her début outing under the Aengeldust Moniker, 'Freakshow' comes the latest slice of noisy industrial from Nadine "Cooraz" Engel (ACYLUM, TOTEM OBSCURA...). 'Meth Face' is a club-friendly industrial stomper rooted in rhythmic noise and power electronics. It's hard, harsh and dirty, but bizarrely enough it works.

The title track kicks things off with it's steady dance pace and various vocal samples held together by a machine gun like central rhythm. It is on the one hand a fairly straight forward exercise in rhythm-orientated song writing, but it works purely because it is noisy, heavy and meant to be played loud.

The EP goes on to feature several remixes from the likes of Advent Resilience, Antibody, Detuned Destruction, Inaki Kreator Noize, Moon Gates Project and VV303 who each bring their own unique flavour of noise to the table. Despite the fact that it is the same track remixed by a lot of different noise-favouring artists, it does still have a little variety to it with Antibody, Moon Gates Project and VV303 in particular sounding great. While Acylum gives 'Zombie' a particularly bombastic reworking with a more orchestral inspired mix.

Despite the noisy elements and the heavy use of rhythm throughout the main track, and in fact all of the remixes, this tracks primary focus is the dance floor and the clean and clear style of production coupled with a very uncluttered sounding mix, helps to pull it off.

It would have been nice to have at least one more original track to whet the appetite, but 'Meth Face' is a strong dance-orientated offering that will find a willing audience and keep interest in the project piqued until a new album or a more varied outing surfaces. 

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