Friday 31 October 2014

The weekly compendium 31/10/2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It is finally here, goth Christmas etc. We've been pushing the Halloween theme hard this week with plenty of articles and treats for you. So let's see what was in our bag this week...

We kicked things off with part 2 of our look at silent horror films, before getting our hands on the new book from Andi Harriman and Marloes Bontje 'Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace'. We had reviews of the latest offerings from Tregenza, Aengeldust, and Bella Morte. News from Ost+Front. And a couple of Halloween themed articles looking at extreme music videos, and a round up of ideas for you to get in the mood this Samhain.

Over on Facebook we had new music from Uninvited Guest, The Dagons and Marilyn Manson. Computer games from Synthellic Music (home of Android Lust), and Faderhead's long awaited playable version of their 'Fist Full Of Fuck You' video. We've seen new music videos from Noir, Cygnets, and Erasure. As well as some freebies from Aeon Sable, David E. Williams, and Ctrl Alt Del.

Phew! That's your lot for this week. Tune in again on Monday for more dark delights and have a horrifying Halloween!

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