Thursday 9 October 2014

Review: Monomorte – 'Douosvavm'


It's been a while since the last outing in 2013 with 'Coven XXIII', but UK witch house artist Dan Dellamorte has returned with a brand new Monomorte EP just in time for Halloween. The 'Douosvavm' EP features three tracks of dark, witchy electronics that touch on ambient, old school house, trip hop and industrial elements complete with classic horror movie samples liberally spread throughout. It is just what the doctor ordered for the Halloween party season.

Opening with 'Cuore Oscuro' with it's simple but classic rhythms and ambient drones, Dellamorte amps up the sinister atmospheres from the off. Completed by Vincent Price's Satanic speeches from the classic 'The Masque Of The Red Death', it gives it a dark but somewhat tongue in cheek vibe perfect for the time of year.

'Ligeia' features the unmistakable Christopher Lee's invocation from 'The Devil Rides Out' in pride of place. But it is the barely audible vocals that kick in a little later in conjunction with the light an lush synths that gives this track it's atmosphere.

'The Ruler Of This Realm Was Seen...' closes the EP in a more overtly dark ambient style. The central rhythms are reminiscent of early Enigma but the half whispered chanting ever present in the background gives the song an uneasy sense of threat about it.

The production is very nice on here. There are a lot of witch house associated acts that revel more than necessary in the low-fi vibe of the genre. But 'Douosvavm' has a nice balance between the polish the final product should have and the fundamental grittiness of the songs.

This is a nice (and free) EP that continues on from where Monomorte left of with 'Coven XXIII'. It's an EP that will appeal not only appeal to witch house fans, but also to dark ambient and dark electro fans as well. Hopefully we'll be hearing more from Monomorte sooner rather than later.  

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