Friday 24 October 2014

The weekly compendium 24/10/14

That's the end of another week here at Intravenous Magazine, and I'm already getting a head start on next weeks articles! Now that is dedication for you ;)

Anyway this is a quick round-up because a) I'm just back from the gym and HUNGRY. And b) I forgot to do this yesterday... Ooops!

We kicked off the week with part 1 of our Halloween special on silent horror films – a personal passion of yours truly. We also had plenty of news this week from the likes of Mlada Fronta, Swans, Noir, and Information Society. As well as reviews of the new releases from Chrysalide, KMFDM, Dreams Divide, and In Death It Ends.

Over on Facebook we had new videos from Project Pitchfork, Megaherz, and Junksista. New music from Angelspit, Emigrate, Aeon Sable, and Black Glove /Blonde Hair. As well as a new single from Uninvited Guest.

Oh you still want more? Well here is a little Spahn ranch for the weekend...

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