Wednesday 22 October 2014

Review: Dreams Divide – 'Tears From The Night Sky'

'Tears From The Night Sky'

On the heels of the excellent single 'Trashed' comes Dreams Divide's sophomore full-length studio outing 'Tears From The Night Sky'. It's immediately evident that the alternative dance duo's time since the release of their début 'Puppet Love' has been spent honing their sound, and where their predecessor hinted at their potential to create serious dance-friendly anthems, 'Tears From The Night Sky' delivers them in droves.

Songs such as 'Our Creation', 'Trashed' , 'The Homecoming', 'Skydive', 'Filth', and 'Heaven Comes To Get You' blend up-tempo dance beats with soaring synth melodies and the heavily emotional vocal styles of both David Crout and Gem Davison into a rich tapestry the recalls turn-of the millennium melancholic futurepop blended with more mainstream leaning dance a pop sensibilities. There is a dark and brooding edge to the songs, but ultimately this is a hopeful and rather joyous album that lifts the spirits.

Being only ten tracks long, the album doesn't outstay its welcome and with the tracks gradually getting longer as it progresses, it builds a sense of structure to the proceedings that gives it a more united sense of wholeness.

In terms of production the album is once again very well executed. It is crisp, clean and modern with the songs aiming to fill the room and achieving it. For a band that is only on their second album, they already sound like they can easily hold their own alongside many veteran synthpop acts.

'Tears From The Night Sky' is a good introduction to the band, and one that will hopefully be a good launchpad for bigger things if they are able to get the push that they deserve. Their mainstream leanings may be anathema to many who like something a little more gritty or avant garde mixed in with their dance music, but there is no doubt that many of these will be floor-fillers.

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