Wednesday 22 October 2014

Review: KMFDM – 'Our Time Will Come'

'Our Time Will Come'

Thirty years and more releases to their name than most bands will ever muster, KMFDM hit back with another slab of ultra heavy beat in the form of their latest studio album 'Our Time Will Come'. The first thing that is noticeable is the band have dropped the five-letter/symbol title theme that they have run with on and off since 1989 and gone for the longest album title since 1988's 'Don't Blow Your Top'. This is of course completely inconsequential though as the standard KMFDM motifs are ever present, from the album cover courtesy of Brute!, to the trendsetting combination of heavy riffs, hard beats and dance synths that the band have pioneered and perfected.

Kapt'n K and the crew kick things off with tongue firmly in cheek with 'Genau' as they roll through a lesson in German in their most club-friendly style. The band then bring things down a little more with the bass-heavy and brooding 'Shake The Cage' as Lucia Cifarelli lets rip on government surveillance. Songs such as 'Respekt', 'Salvation', 'Get The Tongue Wet', and 'Make Your Stand' carry on the up-tempo pace nicely and give the album the accessible and anthemic backbone that we've come to expect. Whilst songs like 'Our Time Will Come' and 'Playing God' are slower and more stripped back to show off the depth of the song writing and really allow the lyrics to drive things.

After thirty years of conceptual continuity, we all know what to expect from KMFDM. The production is great once again and still keeps the old Wax Trax! vibe alive and well, but the band continue to bring new sounds and styles into their arsenal and it continues to work.

The band may not be the cutting edge pioneers they once were but they are a fundamentally strong song writing unit. There are the hits that will get the most club play and space in the live set of course. But what KMFDM are best at is giving you the most bang for your buck, and once again you've paid for ten tracks and that's what you've got. No filler, no pointless segues or instrumentals, just decent KMFDM brand industrial rock. If the stars align there's no reason why they couldn't continue for another thirty years.  

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