Monday 2 September 2013

Editorial: September 2013

For those of you who actually bother with such things, it's time for another editorial!

First of all THANK YOU to all the bands, artists, labels and management etc. who responded to the compilation call. I can now confirm that all the potential spaces are FULL and we will no longer accept submissions. For those who will be contributing, and email will be going out to you this week. We're anticipating this to be a good length double album that will be available for free from our own Bandcamp site, so even if you're not the kind of person that looks forward to Christmas and new year, you can at least take solace that 'Blood Pack Vol. 1' will arrive on New Year's Day 2014.

You'll also have seen the update regarding the gig we're sponsoring. Unfortunately the mighty Uberbyte had to pull out as headliners. However, unlike what some people believed, the gig hasn't been cancelled. Instead the equally mighty XP8 will be stepping in to top the bill. So remember to get down to the Electrowerks in Islington on the 28th!

Finally, I don't know if any of you have seen the furore around Nine Inch Nails, not playing Soundwave Festival in Australia. This is apparently because Trent and his crew (who last played in 2009) want to play to a more “Sophisticated audience”. That could be taken as a slight to their long-term fans if the “he said, she said” rhetoric is to be believed. Or it may simply be a brush-off to a promoter who didn't give them the right deal. Nevertheless, it got me thinking about that age-old point of contention with fans that want to keep a band/artist to themselves, and the music maker's desire to be heard by a wider audience. I do often wonder if more goth/industrial bands were to market themselves to bigger festivals (a la The Sisters Of Mercy did to Sonisphere in 2011) that we would see the stock of the genres begin to rise amongst those who may not otherwise seek it out? Look at what touring with Rammstein did for Combichrist's international profile. Food for thought perhaps.

Finally, if you are interested in writing for IVM please direct your attention to the tab at the top of the site marked 'Writing For IVM'. Especially if you are a film buff.

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