Tuesday 10 September 2013

Review: Kevorkian Death Cycle – 'God Am I'

'God Am I' 

After a twelve year absence from the scene, Kevorkian Death Cycle has been resuscitated. Already with a hot new single to their name in the form of 'Mind Decay', the Californian electro-industrialists have not wasted any more time and have unleashed their long overdue full-length comeback featuring three out of four of the band's original members. But for a band that signed off at the turn of the millennium, how relevant are they in 2013?

The answer is very relevant. 'God Am I' is a hard and nasty slice of electro-industrial infused with heavy guitars and addictive dance beats. It's emotional, anthemic and dark. Building slowly with the intro track 'Star Chaser', the ban then dive headlong into their excellent lead single 'Mind Decay'. The title track, as well as the likes of 'Children Of Chaos', 'Blood Of Faust', and 'Tangled Souls' provide the backbone of the album. Each song balancing the hardness of the guitars with the band's dance-friendly beats. The band also reaffirm their ability to craft a strong and original cover as they turn their attention to The Pet Shop Boys' 'It's A Sin'.

With twelve years on their hands, its good to hear that the band members haven't been idle. The album is fresh and up-to-date, the song writing is some of the strongest they've ever produced and the performance is nice and tight. In terms of production the vocals could occasionally do with a little more volume as the guitars vie for centre stage, but other than that, there really isn't much to pick out.

This is what you'd hope for in a reboot from a band with Kevorkian Death Cycle's reputation. There's no fancy bullshit, no pandering to whatever is in fashion. Just well written and constructed music that will translate well to both the stage and the dance floor. Lets hope the band keep this up and consolidate their restored position sooner rather than later.

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