Monday 9 September 2013

Richard Patrick explains the origins of 'Piggy'

When interviewed at a Filter gig in London, frontman Richard Patrick explained the origins of the nickname 'Piggy' that was given to him by Nine Inch Nails helmsman Trent Reznor:

"One evening the day before some studio time with Trent I took a girlfriend to a Skinny Puppy gig.  I was watching the sound check and Ogre was on the mic shouting "WHITE PIGGY" [Note: Patrick did a rather good impression when explaining this!] over and over, I found it really funny.  When I got back to the studio and we were setting up, I keep doing an impersonation of Ogre and after a few minutes Trent shouted to me "Hey Piggy, shut up and play some chords man!", and the name stuck after that".

Richards' project 'Filter' are set to return to the UK after a tour with Stone Temple Pilots across the USA. On what he had to say about Trent ; "We're doing well.  I spoke to him a few weeks back and I saw in at the Reading festival, he was really good".  

The latest Filter album 'The Sun Comes Out Tonight' is out now.   

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