Friday 20 September 2013

The weekly compendium 20/09/2013

Hello one and all. It's nearly weekend time again!
But before we run head-long into indolence for a couple of days, here is what the IVM team got up to this week.

Once again this week we got a tonne of news stories (are people saving all their new releases for the end of the year or something?) including; Album news from TheMediaeval Baebes, Trance To The Sun, Juggernaut Services, Beastmilk, Merciful Nuns, and Alfa Matrix. As well as tour details courtesy of From The Bogs Of Aughiska.

We also had reviews of the latest releases from Wicked King Wicker, Skullflower / Mastery, Eibon La Furies and Ludovico Technique.

While over on facebook we were treated to a new demo from Luxury Stranger, as well as a new music video from Architect and another insightful blog courtesy of Caustic's Matt Fanale.

Right, I'm going to rest up and put my dandiest threads on ready for tomorrow's Alternative & Burlesque fair in Sheffield so I'll leave you with this...

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