Wednesday 4 September 2013

Review: Tregenza – 'Born Into Fire'

'Born Into Fire' 

Ross Tregenza certainly has a fire inside him. The third in a series of solo EP releases since January, 'Born Into Fire' shows of the composer / vocalist / producer / sound designer's diverse skill set. He has, since putting Goteki on ice, showed that he can pretty much turn his hand to any genre and add his unique mark to it.

This time round the focus is very much on a blend of dark electro augmented by decadent neoclassical strains set to a martial drum beat, which sets 'Born Into Fire' apart from his previous offerings in a big way. There is always a melancholic strain to Tregenza's solo output, but no more so than on the opening version of the title track on the EP. The second 'Electronic' version is more in keeping with his previous output by juxtaposing the sombreness with a catchy drum beat and infectious lead synth melody. 'Burning In The Dark' continues the dark atmosphere of the opener but once again some more playful sounds to create a nice mellow centre-point. Visage's Logan Sky provides a minimalistic remix focussing on deep percussive sounds and exhibiting a fine balance between the electronic and orchestral elements. 'Moons Of Saturn' is a decadent instrumental in the vein of an opening credit score to an, as yet unreleased, sci-fi blockbuster. It's expansive sound mixes all of the elements heard so far on the EP and reworks them into something rather grand. The final track is another instrumental, this in the form of 'Temple Of The Sacred Heart', which returns to Tregenza's tried and tested formula of addictive, dance orientated electro.

The EP releases get better and better. The production is excellent and the song-writing and composition continues to evolve in unexpected but very pleasing ways. This is the strongest and most confident release to date, and if Tregenza continues along these lines, the inevitable full-length début is going to be something to watch out for.

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