Thursday 26 September 2013

New digital EPs from Alfa Matrix

Seminal electronic label Alfa Matrix has announced the release of three brand new digital EPs through its bandcamp page.

Brazilian duo Aesthetische release their new four-track EP 'Statement / Amplitude Zero', which features two new remixes from Edo Eldar EdoBot and Halo In Reverse.

Track list:
  1. Statement
  2. Amplitude Zero
  3. Statement (Edobot Remix)
  4. Amplitude Zero (Halo In Reverse Remix)

The second EP comes courtesy of Plastic Noise Experience, AKA Claus Kruse. The 'Control' EP is a precursor to the eighth PNE album, and features four new vocal tracks, two instrumentals and remixes from Vomito Negro, Armageddon Dildos and Ad:Keys.

Track list:
  1. CONTROL (12” extended mix)
  2. THERAPY (12” extended mix)
  3. ELECTRONIC BODIES (12” extended mix)
  4. MERCY (12” extended mix)
  5. CHAPTER ONE (12” extended mix)
  6. CHAPTER TWO (12” extended mix)
  7. CONTROL (7” mix)
  9. CONTROL (remixed by AD:KEY)
  10. THERAPY (remixed by NO MORE)
  11. MERCY (remixed by VOMITO NEGRO)

Diskonnekted provide the third release 'Yesteryears'. Cut from the band's sophomore album, 'Hotel Existence' the EP features the original tracks plus different versions and remixes from the likes of Neuroticfish, Halo In Reverse, Edge Of Dawn and Liquid Newt.

Track list:
  1. Yesteryears (Radio Existence)
  2. Yesteryears (Neuroticfish mix)
  3. Personal Demon (Radio Existence)
  4. Empty (Radio Existence)
  5. Neverland (Halo In Reverse Mix)
  6. Justify (VIP)
  7. Yesteryears (Edge Of Dawn mix)
  8. Yesteryears (Liquid Newt mix)
  9. Tunnel Vision (This Morn' Omina mix)
  10. Yesteryears (Ambient)

The EPs are available to purchase through the Alfa Matrix bandcamp page and iTunes. For more information on the bands please visit their official websites; HERE, HERE and HERE.

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