Friday 6 September 2013

The weekly compendium 06/09/2013

Once again it's time for the weekly compendium, and this week it's a quick one. Not because we didn't get plenty published on the site... but because its Friday and I'm hungry!

Anyway, on the site we had reviews of the latest releases from Tonntu, Nine Inch Nails and Tregenza. The monthly Editorial ramble. A look at 125 years of Jack The Ripper. We had announcements from Solitary Experiments and Juggernaut Services. And finally our first brand new column from internationally renowned industrial DJ - END: The DJ!

It was a little quieter than usual on the facebook page this week due to my phone being in the shop, meaning I couldn’t update during the day, Never-mind though as we still saw that Rhombus have released their back catalogue digitally now, The Mission released a new video and JG Thirlwell has released a teaser video.

Right that's your lot for this week!

Here's the new video from The Mission to keep you going this weekend.

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