Thursday 19 September 2013

Review: Ludovico Technique – 'We Came To Wreck Everything'

'We Came To Wreck Everything'

Hot on the heels of the band's impressive full-length début 'Some Things Are Beyond Therapy' comes the now standard practice of releasing a companion remix album. This can sometimes be a pretty run-of-the-mill affair in which mutual friends basically promote each other. Other times though it can prove to be an eye opening experience which yields a treasure of interesting re-imaginings of the originals. Just take Nine Inch Nails' 'Fixed' and 'Further Down The Spiral' EPs for example.

With the band's club-friendly aggrotech firmly established on 'Some Things...' its hard to imagine how another artist would squeeze any more dance floor potential out of the songs. But there are plenty of successful attempts on 'We Came To Wreck Everything'... Shiv-r's effects-heavy version of 'Then I Found You'. Cryogen Second's frantic and Rodney Anonymous' stripped-back takes on 'Wired For Destruction'. The bouncy ebm of Aesthetic Perfections 'Dead Inside'. The hard and fast style of The Anger Machine's remix of 'Memory'. And E-Crafts version of 'Heal My Scars'. All of these are great examples of of remixes that re-interpret the originals perfectly while carrying on their spirit.

You can be cynical and say remix albums are a cash-in or only really fit for DJs. However the different takes and interpretations contributed to 'We Came To Wreck Everything' by some of the most interesting names in the genre today are well worth the price tag. The whole album builds from a collection of remixes into something more resembling and original album in itself.

Sure it's a top-gap between albums. And yes it is aimed at hardcore fans and DJs rather than at entrancing casual listeners. However, 'We Came To Wreck Everything', is one of those releases that is impossible not to like just because there is something on here that will definitely strike a chord with most listeners.

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