Monday 30 June 2014

Angelspit to perform new score for 'Nosferatu'

Aussie electropunk act Angelspit have have announced that they will perform a brand new 90 minute score created specifically for the legendary 1922 horror masterpiece ‘Nosferatu: Eine symphonie Des Grauens‘ live on 20th August 2014 in Chicago.

Angelspit have recruited several musicians to assist, including Brian Graupner (The Gothsicles), Jim Cookas and Brittany Bindrim (I:Scintilla), and some of Chicago’s top experimental noise artists.
Cryptically it has also been announced that “a large portion of the performance will be performed by the audience…so bring your smart phone to get in on the action!”
“This will be the craziest outdoor gig we’ve ever done. I have written a large amount of new music, plus I am designing many acoustic and electronic instruments to be used in the performance. I’m also using much of the gear used in the recording of our latest album ‘The Product‘ – several old samplers, rare modular synths and many analog/circuit-bent DIY devices.
There is also a huge amount of the the performance that will be played by the audience.
…and it’s all live! no laptops, no sequencers – it’s all performed LIVE while the original version of ‘Nosferatu‘ is projected.” – Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

Wednesday August 20th (at sunset – around 8.30pm)
Comfort Station – Chicago, IL
2579 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
Cnr: Milwaukee Ave and Logan Blvd (East side of Milwaukee Ave)

In addition to this performance, Angelspit are also running video and remix competitions on their website. For more details, head to the following links:

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