Thursday 5 June 2014

Editorial: June 2014

It's June already, and I'm making plans for the next 'Blood Pack' compilation that will be released on 1st January 2015 to celebrate our 2nd birthday as a webzine.

The response to the first compilation has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm grateful to everyone who has downloaded it so far. If you're new to this site and haven't downloaded it yet, please click the album cover in the sidebar and download yourself a free copy from our bandcamp page. This was our first release and presented us with a steep learning curve. But we got it together in good time and I'm proud of the final product.

This time around I think we'll aim for a shorter and more concise album that will probably be about sixteen tracks in length maximum. I think the idea of getting enough contributions for a double album was a little ambitious and despite getting enough people to offer tracks, sadly some didn't get round to delivering. With this in mind I'll be personally sending out invitations to some bands and artist later this month before I open it up to other submissions if there are slots left. That being said, feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page if you're interested in contributing anything.

As with the first compilation we'll be looking for exclusive new songs, demos and remixes from new and exciting acts from around the globe. And again we'll be including a PDF booklet with the album that will feature biographical information and hyperlinks for every band and label featured.

When I announced the compilation last July I'd already got the cover art 90% finished, and that is of course what I showed off in the Editorial. It was all done in one humid night where I was having trouble sleeping and it is getting the artwork done that finally pushed me to announce the compilation. This time I'm doing things the opposite way round. I'll be photographing the cover this year, as I think will probably be the case from now on, however there are two or three ideas I want to try first, so the one I think may work best might not be what I actually go with... you know how these things go.

Right, that's it for this month's ramble. If you actually read these, please share it on social media and if you're in a band, keep an eye out for further announcements regarding the compilation in the forthcoming months.

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