Monday 9 June 2014

Review: Tregenza – 'Last Light'

'Last Light'

Former Goteki mastermind Ross Tregenza returns with his fifth solo EP 'Last Light' following on from the 2013 releases 'Snowdrift', 'Wolves' and 'Born Into Fire'. The credentials of the composer / vocalist / producer / sound designer's body of work since retiring Goteki for the second time has seen a rapid diversification of his sound, the results of which have been some of the best work in his career.

'Last Light' certainly carries this tradition on. The title track opens the EP up with Tregenza's trademark mournful dark electro that was initially pioneered on Goteki's 'Santa Muerte', but has since been refined to an opulent blend of melodic electronics and slow but danceable beats on his solo outings. The two remixes of the track 'Tregenza's Magic Hour Remix' and 'Piano Mix' take the song in different directions with the first feeling a lot more bouncy and playful, while the second unleashes the songs raw emotional content. The other original track 'Realization' is a great neoclassical meets martial instrumental track that, just as with 'Moons Of Saturn' on the 'Born Into Fire' EP begs to be on a film soundtrack.

This is another solid EP from Tregenza. Although it is a little more focussed on the title track this time around, it nevertheless still displays that sense of experimentation and diversity in its construction. The production is excellent once again, and the atmospheres on the songs, particularly 'Realization' and 'Last Light (Piano Mix)' sound simply cinematic in their execution.

Ross Tregenza has shown his prowess as a songwriter and producer over the course of the EP releases. But it is time now for the big test with his début solo full-length album due out later this year. Yet if this is anything to go by, he should be able to pull it off with ease.  

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