Friday 13 June 2014

The weekly compendium 13/06/2014

It's Friday 13th and I'm off to Crystal Lake for the evening... well no not really, but I probably will break out a copy of that famous slasher flick that shares its title with today's date for tonight's viewing pleasure. But before I do, here is a run down of what we had for you this week.

We kicked things off with news from Dokka about the uncertain future facing Eddie's nightclub in Birmingham. And we had lashings of new reviews from the likes of Tregenza, Fatal Casualties, Be My Enemy, Nahtaivel, and Avarice In Audio.

While over on Facebook we found out that 53 degrees – the home of Dark-Cide is to close. Android Lust have released a sexy vinyl edition of their anniversary issue of 'The Dividing' (ME WANT!) and finally it has been announced that Prude have signed to Metropolis Records.

Right, that's your lot. Here's a musical tribute by Interstitial to the legendary comedian and actor Rik Mayall who sadly died this past week.

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